EMMA MONE AND SONS GREECE is a registered non-governmental and non-profit Organization with the Greek Government, established in 2006 but secure its full registration from the Greek government in 2009 here in the city of Athens. At the time EMSG was founded by few Numbers of Nigerians living in Athens-Greece and Nigeria in the year 2006, their most important center of attention is to improve the well-being of individual Nigerians and communities living in Europe by encouraging local initiatives and Community involvement that would foster swift development for Nigerians in Europe and those back in Nigeria. However, Emma Mone and Sons Greece is an Organization for the entire people of Nigeria, Greece, Europe and that of Africans living both in Africa and in Europe, all you need to do, just apply to join or becoming a member of the Organization by writing to the Secretary's Office of the Organization. It’s now time for us to solve our problem by ourselves. Also, our aims, objectives and missions is mostly center on the Safety, Welfare's, Training, Research activities, Opening a link between Europeans and Nigerians, Promoting the country’s Image to the entire world by reaching out to our people to join the call for good citizenship and Supporting those that are less privilege in our society  by channeling their daily concern, problem and difficult to Government representatives.

Have you ever seen a Nigerian living in Europe without a home or place to lay his/her head over night or a Nigerian who has been frustrated with their living situation in Europe? Have you ever seen most Nigerians doing all kinds of things in the name of making money because he/ she cannot afford to eat? Have you ever realize that, large numbers of Nigerians living in Europe today are not willing and sometime unable to educate themselves because there's no body or proper representatives of good leaders among us? Have you ever look into the streets of Europe both at Night and Day seeing Nigerian's youth (Young Men and Women) knowing that the only future they are preparing for themselves is going to be, "them living with the AIDS/HIV virus" and some to remain in jail all the rest of their life? Have you ever seen Nigerian’s parents in Europe leaving their children under key and lock just in the name of looking for money from one city to the other? Have you ever think that Nigerian’s children in Europe will make up our Nation in future and become our nation’s leaders? You are a gateway to OUR Nation's future be positive with yourself.

What about the Disproportion, Marginalization, Racial Discrimination, Intimidation and Pocket prejudice over Race and Nationality that still function in our society while government agencies are doing nothing or too little to enforce the laws that's in place to protect you and I from such practices, this are major push and areas of concern to Emma Mone and Sons Greece (EMSG) for various government agencies to act in order to protect you and your interest.      

Has anyone among our community ever think of ending the modern-day form of slavery (Human Trafficking of Children, Women and Men) some people within us invented in order of enriching themselves at the expense of our generations? We at EMSG think somebody should do something to crop the saturation of Nigerians and Africans in Europe and that someone could be you working together with Emma Mone and Sons Greece, try making a difference in the life of Nigerians in Europe, that was the main reasons and formation of Emma Mone and Sons Greece in the quest for change.

In order to achieve our Organizational goals, Emma Mone and Sons Greece (EMSG) initiated also in its plans “Database” programme where all detail information about Nigerians in Greece and Europe can be properly coordinated and share with relevant authorities. We collaborate with major Organizations in various regions and Countries of the world in achieving our Organization objectives and we are always and shall remain open to collaborate with more and others that are interested working with us. Help us to help our world.


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