How You Can Help

Help us to help others in our World. You can help us in order for us to successfully carry out our Objectives, Aims and organization's work by writing to us through Emma Mone and Sons Greece contact address Page, informing us about your interest with our organization's activities, works and areas you think you will like to contribute to the progress of our operation to the services to our people. There are server areas and ways you can help us in order to make our effect to humanity a successful reality achievements.

We as an NPO/NGO, depend on your donations to implement our plans and programs, hence you can send in all kinds of donations starting from Foods, Cloths, School's Writing Supplies, Cash and anything you think an organization and human need to function in the world of today.

No donation will be too great nor too small that we can not accept. Use our donation's page to send in your donations, on that page, you will find out various methods in which you can send in your donation and also, if you want to join our team of workers on humanitarian services areas, we shall gladly welcome your application to be one of us in serving our people. Help us to help our world and those that are less privilege in our society, our world will worth living if we all join hands together to make things right. You can also contribute to our work by giving our Organization positive, important and useful information about Jobs, Studies, Scholarship and where about Nigerians that are into one problem or the other in order to see how our organization can reach out to them in time of their needs.

All information concerning your interest about our activities should be send directly to Emma Mone and Sons Greece on the address/contact’s page, please address all correspondences to the Chairman or the Secretary of the Organization.