August 26, 2012 at 9:15 AM 

According the Nigeria online news agency, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) on Friday August 24, 2012 in Abuja paraded 13 Chinese nationals who were arrested on suspicion of engaging in prostitution in the country.

NIS spokesman, Joachim Olumba, said the suspects were apprehended in Lagos following a tip off from an informant.

He said the service received a report on the activities of some Chinese nationals who connived with some Nigerians to traffic teenage girls into the country under the pretext of offering them a job in factories.

A distress call from one of the victims prompted the immigration service to carry out a raid on some operational locations of some of the syndicates.

"Having gathered intelligence information, operatives of the Nigeria Immigration Service swooped on the operational locations of the syndicates at No. 18, 24 and 26B Emena Crescent, Ikeja, Lagos", he said. "During the operations a total number of 13 Chinese nationals made up of 11 females and two males were arrested”.

He said preliminary investigation confirmed that most of the women were sponsored into the country by some "criminal human traffickers who are currently at large".

Olumba, however, expressed the regret that the informant who made the distress call that led to the investigation and arrest of the suspects, had yet to be rescued because she did not give a clear description of her location in Lagos.

"It is unfortunate that we have not been able to rescue the lady who called us, because she only provided the number of the house where she is being held, without the name of the street. We want to use this opportunity to solicit for information from the public that will lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of this ignoble business and rescue of our informant", Olumba said.

In her statement, the NIS Arresting Officer, Chinwe Obi, said the Chinese Embassy in Abuja was in touch with the suspects, and that arrangements were being made to ease them out of the country.

One of the victims, Lu Yui Suan, however, denied allegations that they were arrested for prostitution.

Lu Yui, who spoke through an interpreter, said she came into the country in June, on the invitation of a friend.



15th Anti racist Festival. The immigrants are not our enemies. Our enemies are those who steal our lives!


15th Anti-racist Festival

9 – 10 – 11 July  - Goudi Park, Metro Katehaki

The immigrants are not our enemies.

Our enemies are those who steal our lives!

 At 9, 10 and 11 of July, the Anti-racist festival re-opens its gates, at a time when society and the workers are under the most merciless attack of the last 30 years, and reacting with the most massive demonstrations after the political changeover. In the heart of Athens, in Goudi Park, and in the financial frame of unheard-of barbarity in which we are all forced to live from now on, for the 15th year, Greeks, immigrants and refugees are together celebrating the biggest anti racist festivity of the city: a festival in which 15.000 – 20.000 people are participating every year. A festival bright and melodic but also restless and highly critical, rich in ethnic and cultural hues as well as in political events. A summer festival, open to immigrants and anti racists and to all those who are suffocating under the financial political situation which lutes the lives of many in order to save the few and chosen ones of its supporters.

 Our common language:

Music from all over the world, in the tunes of Les Skartoi, Skaribas, Dustbowl and Deus Ex Machina (Friday, July 9), MC Yinca & The Urbanix , The Boy, Μichalis Delta, the Chicks on Speed (Saturday, July 10) and Salonumuz Klimalidir, Εncardia,  Stathis Drogosis and Thanasis Papakonstantinou (Sunday, July 11) and rempetiko bands every day.

Multi – ethnic tastes from the steaming pots of immigrants and refugee organizations.

Theatrical performances, photo exhibitions, video and movie shows.

Also, discussions regarding:

The international crisis, the dictatorship of IMF, the Euro-fortress.

Racism and far right-wing violence.

Workers’ rights and the need for joint organization and struggle of local and foreign workers.

The Palestinian issue, political prisoners, drugs, the return of political refugees, and the relationship between sports and racism…

…we invite you to spend three evenings, full from every aspect. To stand up against the increasing official and unofficial xenophobic, racist and far right practices and to prove through our actions that if the fairytale has got a dragon, the dragon does not hide where they maliciously point: Our enemies are not the immigrants, our enemies are those who steal from our lives!

Coordination of Immigrant and Anti racist Organizations Soon the full program of concerts, events and discussions in www.antiracistfestival.gr, contact #. 210 3813928 (17:00-21:00)

Entry fee 6 Euros.






Friday, July 9: Deus Ex Machina, Skaribas, Les SkartOi!, Dustbowl

Saturday, July 10: Chicks On Speed, Μichalis Delta, The Boy, MC Yinka & The Urbanix

Sunday, July 11: Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Encardia, Salonumuz Klimalidir, Stathis Drogosis



Friday, 9 and Saturday, 10 of July

2nd and 3rd generation bands

Hip-hop with Le blonc, KURORAT FIKS, D.A.P., DJ THEO, RITMI MAGIC and Κ. PARAXENO.

Rock-grange from The U.N. BAND, Fried Rice and Minus One.


Immigration communities and organizations

Polyphony with Rodina from Bulgaria,

Music and dance groups from the African Women Union and from Tanzania,

Reggae from Nigeria with Natural Sound Revival

Traditional music from the Cultural Organisation of Bagladesh DOEL, from the Kurdish Cultural Center, from the Syrian Kurds Koma Hawar and from Palestine.



Friday, July 9

“Cypraies”, 70’ Direction – Production: Vasiliki Katrivanou, Bushra Azzouz. The show will be followed by a discussion with the director and women from Cyprus who have participated in the documentary.

Saturday, July 10

“From darkness to light: can there be integration in a world that wants you in the margins?” A Dimitris Meletis’ documentary regarding the vicissitude of Achilleas Despotakis.

Sunday, July 11

Short films with immigration topics.


Friday, July 9

“My name is Rachel Corrie” a fascinating play based on the journals and e-mails of Rachel Corrie, which Alan Rickman and Katharine Viner edited, in a translation by Nancy Trikkaliti, direction by Mania Papadimitriou, featuring Dimitra Syrou and Maro Agriti.

Saturday, July 10

“Neither an orphan, nor poor, nor foreigher from foreign places”: a show for industrial accidents, direction by Elena Patrikiou, choreography by Panagiotis Andronikides, lights by Thodoris Margas.

Sunday, July 11

“Movables and unmovables”. A modular one-act satire with twenty high school students. Responsible for the theatrical team: Thouli Staikou.

Friday, 9 and Saturday, 10 of July

Performance all around the space of the Festival with immigration topics from the team ELANADISTIKANOUME in cooperation with choreographer Despina-Sophia Stamos (N.Y.C.) of The Modern Dance Awareness Society.


Saturday, July 10

Live Library: experiential action against discrimination, prejudice, racism and social exclusion.

All 3 days of the festival

Sketch exhibition for the crisis and anti-racist poster exhibition from the Graphic Design Association of Greece.


“My name is…” a photo exhibition from the team “Diaphragma 26”

Frontier and “no border camp 2009” What the lens captured…

Uprising in Iran Photo exhibition with topic the Iranian uprising in the beginning of 2010


Friday, July 9


Frontex, border shielding, contraction of political asylum: Struggle for the right to move

Nasim Mohamedi, Afgan Refugee,

Vasilis Tsianos, No Man Is Clandestine, Hamburg

Giorgos Maniatis, Social Network Support for Refugees and Migrants.
Movement "Solidarity with Refugees" Samos.


Boycott in Israeli apartheid

Coordination: Association Intifada

Struggle for the release of political prisoners

Moderator: Action for Freedom

For a front against discrimination. Gender / Migration / disability / minorities and sex orientation)

Moderator: Homosexual Lesbian Community of Greece

Saturday, July 10


Against the IMF dictatorship

Walden Bello, Focus on Global South, Philippines.

Jorge Luis Bermudes, self-managed factory Zanon, Argentina.

Panos Kosmas, financial editor, Red

Petros Rinaldos Rylmon, economist, ΙΝΕ/ΓΣΕΕ


 Crisis, crime, “security" and state repression  

Football, racism and nationalism

 Drugs: fighting against addiction and exclusion.

 Sunday, July 11


 Crisis and racism: for the unity of domestic and foreign workers

Aggeliki Valsamaki, ΟΚΔΕ-Spartakos 

Thanasis Kourkoulas, Movement Deport Racism.

Henri Kasongo, Action Congo.

Network for the Support and Assistance of Migrant Women (ΔΕΣΜΕ)
Citizenship, education and social exclusion of immigrants
Social and political causes of the rise of the far right
For the return of Macedonian political refugees of the civil war

* Price entrance: 6 euros




Date: 16.06.2010

Africans along side other Immigrants in Greece holding a residence permit will be allowed to vote for the first time in local elections set for November, a declaration from the interior ministry stated.

The regional and municipal elections on November 14 will be the first political test the socialist government (PASOK) faces since it adopted a controversial austerity plan in exchange for IMF and EU aid.

Following a law on immigration approved in March, the interior ministry sent a circular letter to local authorities to enable them to register new voters on the electoral list.

”The political participation of Africans and other immigrants (with a residence permit) in local elections is an important step towards their social integration, putting an end to the social segregation and their marginalization,” the ministry declared.

The law in March made it possible to grant Greek nationality to second-generation immigrants, some 130,000 population, and gave the right to vote in local elections for those with a residency permit.

Greece remains the entry point for illegal immigrants into the European Union. The interior ministry estimates there are 250,000 illegal immigrants living in Greece.




In fighting to stop trafficking of human being by Nigerians Human trafficker in Athens and other part of the country Greece, the Embassy of Nigeria under the leadership of His Excellency, Dr. Etim Uye the Nigerian Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic acted unexpected move to rescue Nigerians young girls that were trafficked to Greece by Nigerians human traffickers for the purpose of sex services. According to senior officer at the Embassy of Nigeria Athens,”Police are still investigating the crime; the Embassy reported the case to the police for investigation when one of the girls ran out for the house for help…” Said Mr. Kunle Ogunsanya and he further mentioned that “the matter is under our control, the consular officer is seized with the matter.”  

It was recalled during last week, a criminal ring believed to have lured more than 40 Nigerian woman to Greece from their homeland with bogus promise of legitimate jobs and then to have blackmailed their victims with the threat of voodoo curses, has been broken, police in Athens said on 12th November, 2009.Officers said they rescued five young Nigerian women who had been held captive by traffickers demanding a ransom of 80,000 Euros from each of the women families. Police also detained a 20-year-old Nigerian woman who is believed to have facilitated the racket and are now seeking her husband, a Nigerian with Greek citizenship thought to have played a key role in the act of human trafficking.

The head of the mission had vow to use his tenure as the Nigerian Ambassador to Greece to see that all acts that will bring shame and disgrace to our Nation Nigeria must be put to a stop from further damage of Nigerians and the nation’s image but we must be ready to accept the shame brought on us by our compatriots during the process of stopping those Nigerians that believe they are unstoppable.

In his respond to our team Email questing to have details about the Embassy taking the lead in breaking the ring, he said, “…I believe you are aware of what is happening about and to Nigerian human trafficker in Athens. What story you have read… is correct and we as Nigerians deserve the shame brought on us by your compatriots. If you have heard the story, go to town and you will have it full…” He believes the law should take its rightful place in all activities that is against the law of any country.

Most Nigerians in Greece that are against human trafficking welcome the move by the Embassy of Nigeria in Athens calling in the police to investigate any matter involving Nigerians been trafficked to Greece. According to a community leader, “this is one of ever kind, the most successful story in the history of the Embassy in Greece” and he called on every Nigerians in Greece with details about where victims of traffickers are kept to report to the Embassy in order to rescue them and put an end to trafficking of Nigerians into sex industry.

In another developing news from the Embassy is the visit to a Nigerian young lady that is been hospitalize from a motor bike accident along the Petrou Ralli Road on Saturday morning, Mr. Joseph S.O. Akinsanya, consular officer who visited to the victim on Monday 16th November, 2009 at Asklipio General Hospital Voula in Piraeus Metropolitan area listen to the victim story and promise that the Embassy will follow up the case for justice to be deliver. He called on representatives of Emma Mone and Sons Greece to get the data of the motorcyclist and reported back to his office in due cause.


Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou AGAIN ask foreigners with certificate OF LEGAL RESIDENCE to “Leave and Re-entry “Greece within their own wishes and Timing

16 November, 2010 (20.45)




Upon decision of the Minister of Citizen Protection aiming to facilitate foreigners who come under the regulations of article 11, paragraph 4 of Law 3386 ( Official Gazette No. 212 Α /23-08-2005) and are legal residents in Greece, they are permitted to exit and re-enter Greece during the period from 01-01-2011 until 31-12-2011 , in order to visit their country.

During the period in which this decision is in force, all foreigners, regardless of their citizenship, are allowed to visit their country and return more than once, within the period from 01-01-2011 to 31/12/2011.

The afore-mentioned foreigners who apply for reentering our country need to be holders of:

a) Valid passport or other travel document, recognized by our country,

b ) Type A’ certificate (of blue color) proving that they have submitted all necessary documents for initial issuance or renewal of residence permit, in compliance with the relevant provisions of L. 3386/2005 and L. 3536/2007 ( article 18 par . 4), as well as of the Joint Ministerial Decision No. 11702/2006 ( Official Gazette 892 Β΄ ), or a special certificate of legal residence, in accordance with the provisions of the J. M. Decision No. 22037/01-10-2010 ( Official Gazette 1629).

It is pointed out that possibility of exit and re-entry is not granted to those in possession of a special legal residence certificate issued on the basis of paragraph 5 of the J.M.D. 22037/01-10-2010 , i.e. persons who were released from jail under restraining orders, including the prohibition to leave the country.





 06 November, 2009 (8.45am)


The era to leave and Re-entry Greece by Migrants with certificate A (Blue color) and a special certificate of legal residence that they have submitted all documents required for issue or renew a residence permit under the relevant provision of the Law has witness a New Day handshake with the new Prime Minister, George Papandreou as all foreigners, regardless of nationality can now visit their country and to return more than once within the period  of a year as against the Two (2) to Three (3)months in the previous years

As reveled on the 4th November, 2009 by the decision of the Minister for the Protection of policies to facilitate foreign nationals subject to provisions of Article 11, paragraph 4 of Law 3386 (Gazette 212 A/23-08 -2005) and legally resident in Greece to visit their country, may, according to its period 15th November, 2009 until 31st December, 2010 time to leave and re-entry Greece, where they have departed from the country within the said period.

This news was seen as a good signal from the present government under the leadership of George Papandreou and was received in great cheerfulness within all migrant’s communities all over the country where thousand of their members had been facing such difficult which means they can now travel to their country at their own wish and time with the one year permission but still, it was unclear to many whom have submitted for their Ten (10) Years permit which is refer as Indefinite Stay and holder of “Certificate A (blue color) ” if this will allow them visit to other European member state.  

Stay for more updates as we try to have more details on the decision.





In accordance with the current initiatives by the Nigerian Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic on his policies of rule of laws and citizens’ obligation towards the host country on law and order, has taken an unprecedented move by issuing an order to the Hon. Minister, Joseph S. O. Akinsanya to visit Nigerians that are serving Jail sentence in the Greek detention.

The move comes as His Excellency, Dr. Etim Uye attention was brought to one Mr. OKORO EMMANUEL case, a national of Nigeria that had served Six (6) years on the Greek Police custody without knowing the duration of his sentence which was as a result of him been arrested on the charges of selling CDs on the street. Our sources at the Embassy of Nigeria did inform us that the Ambassador was not happy with such detention of Nigerians and he called it “Stiff Sentence” which should not be accepted in any form.

On the case of Mr. Okoro Emmanuel, the Ambassador directed the officer in charge to visit the Greek Prisons in a move to review the case file of Nigerians in Stiffer sentence in order to put it before the government host country and he (ambassador) also called for immediate report to be forwarded to his office from the Hon. Minister on all Nigerians that are in Greek Custody.

We lean also, that the Hon. Minister, Joseph S. O. Akinsanya visited the Korydallos prison yesterday been October 23rd, 2009 where he met with Mr. Okoro Emmanuel who express his pain and frustration with the Greek police, “I was arrested with Two Hundred (250) copies of CD but the Police record total of Two Thousand, Five Hundred (2,500) copies on me, this they used to lock me up for Six (6) years with no hope of knowing when I will be release from this place” said Mr. Okoro.  These moves came as a study carried out by University of Peloponnese criminologist Vassilis Karydis, was publish early this week on stiffer sentence of foreigners in Greek.



As Nigerians back home (Nigeria) trying to clear up the leftovers from the 49th Independence Anniversary, diplomatic post keep the momentum on in their own ways. Embassy under key and lock, Writing Implement, Entry Permit (Visa), Identification Travelling Documents (Passport) and Office Files are on two days vacation as Embassy of Nigeria in Athens Greece celebrated Independence Day.

 A well and carefully prepared luxury 49th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria was hosted on Friday 2rd October, 2009 in a Five (5) star hotel in Athens by the Embassy of Nigeria under the leadership of His Excellency and Her Excellency Dr. & Mrs. Etim Udo Uye the Nigerian Ambassador to Greece. The ceremony which took place at about 19.00hrs and lasted for about three hours in Divani Caravel Hotel at NO, 2 Vas. Alexandrou Avenue was a gallery of many foreign figures, foreign Business personal and few powerful Nigerians only. It was also noticed by guests, communities representatives and foreign diplomats that most Nigerians in Greece were not in attendance in this year anniversary as the hall that was used for celebrating the 49th anniversary was half full as expected by the organizers while guest questing to know why most Nigerians are not in attendance, if it was due to the election campaign by New Democracy Party on the same day and time which lead to blocking of most important roads in the central of Athens.

On line-up of activities was the speech by His Excellency Dr. Etim A. Uye the Nigerian Ambassador to Greece who called on foreign investors to see the need to invest in Nigeria and noting that Nigeria is a Nation that have all it takes for a business man to invest, the opportunities are there for you to use, then follow up with the usually culture of the Embassy which is the cutting of the 49th anniversary Cake. 

At this junction, His Excellency said that "this beautiful Cake should have be kept back for the 50th anniversary..." as he (the Ambassador) admitted having no knowledge of whatsoever about the 49th Independence’s Cake while at the same time calling on the staff of the Embassy to please join him and his wife as they prepare to cut the 49th Anniversary Cake that was colorfully design in Green-White-Green color by the Divani Caravel hotel’s chefs. One could noticed from the activities of the night that the Embassy try to cut down cost on this years celebration as it was also observed by some members of Emma Mone and Sons Greece after the cutting of the Cake, as there was no popping of champagne before the dancing floor was declared open as it was usually done in previous years of Nigeria Independence Anniversary history in Athens.

Click on the Photos to go the 49th Independence Album

His Excellency and his Wife, Dr. & Mrs. Etim Udo Uye both who appear on a White, Pink and Green color traditional dressing was in full spirit to see this year celebration successful despite the financial catastrophe that shock the world. Other top diplomats alongside with their spouse are also on complete traditional attire.

On list of dignities and guests are some of the following; Dr. Olusole Rufai Chairman NIDOE Greece chapter, Dr. Emmanuel Oparache NIDOE’ Secretary and his wife, Barrister Patrick. M. Umoren NIDOE’ Asst. Secretary, Mr. Mone Kingdom Toritseju NIDOE ‘Financial Secretary and Chairman/Director of Emma Mone and Sons Greece, Mr. A. Obunadike NIDOE’ Treasurer, more  also on the list of communities heads and representatives are, Mr. Prince Patrick Edema Vice-Chairman Delta State Community, Mr. Christen V. Otiti Treasurer Delta State Community, Heads and members of the Igbo Community, and some Nigerian’s Doctor and business men were in attendance while on the foreign guests gallery are;  Mr. Aristides P. Kalamiotis and his wife (Attorney at law),the Vice-President and members of World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers & Associations for Europe and North America, and other dignities from the public.

The absence of the Nigerian Woman Organization (NOW) was also noticed, as we try to find out the reasons why they are not in attendance in this year ceremony, we were told by some of the organization’s official, that they got the invitation and information about the Anniversary at a late hours and most of their members had not obtain permission from their various place of work.  In trying to confirm that with other members of the Nigerian Communities in Greece who never attended the party, the story was much of the same and some acknowledged, they are not aware of the plan program of the Embassy to celebrate the Independence anniversary and further ask if the Independence is for only the powerful ones among us and the staff of the Nigerian Embassy in Athens. According to some sources who do not want to be named, “is this the way we are going to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Nigeria Independence?  Where are Nigerians in all part of Greece? I think this is a show of the Embassy and some few Nigerians among us but Nigeria belongs to us all”.  

Conclusively, the DJ for the night supply guest and participants of the Night activities with music tracks from Eastern, Western part of Nigeria and also Nigeria Hip-Hop before feeding the audiences with some Old school sound tracks from both Nigeria, South Africa and other Africa's country. On the sound tracks from the DJ paradise to the dancing floor, diplomats go natural in their lifestyle dancing as they hope for the 50th Independence anniversary will be better coordinated and arrange. 

Reported By:

Emma Mone and sons Greece Team

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