bREAKING NEWS: Greece to release 1,200 illegal migrants; one month order to leave the country 
                                                                                                                                                                        16th Oct., 2009 2.00pm

As reported by Kathimerini, the Greek Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis yesterday announced the impending release of 1,200 illegal immigrants from police holding cells around the country while also heralding a overhaul of the coast guard and police force to deter traffickers from bringing would-be migrants to Greece.

The freed immigrants would be given a month to leave the country and offered financial incentives for their repatriation, the minister said, noting that migrants facing trial on criminal charges would not be subject to release.

Chrysochoidis said that more measures were in the pipeline, including the reform of legislation to ensure greater rights for the children of migrants. “Child migrants who have grown up in Greece and merit protection status will not be subject to deportation,” he said.

“First and foremost we want to discourage illegal entry but we must also drastically improve our country’s human rights record,” Chrysochoidis told reporters following talks with top police and navy officials. The minister added that Greece would “no longer be a free-for-all but neither a hell pit for human souls.” To this end, and in an apparent reaction to complaints lodged against Greece by international rights groups earlier this week, Chrysochoidis also heralded the creation of a police department that would probe alleged rights violations by officers. The plan is for the unit to operate in cooperation with the Ombudsman, Giorgos Kaminis, who last week highlighted the problem of illegal immigration when he appeared at the new government’s first ministerial meeting.

Chrysochoidis said another priority would be reorganizing the coast guard with the aim of intensifying sea patrols and curbing a relentless influx of migrants to islands in the eastern Aegean.

Earlier this week, the European Union’s border-monitoring agency Frontex reported a 47 percent increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering Greece through its sea border with Turkey. This sharp increase came even as Italy and Spain, also external EU border states, reported a 60 percent drop in illegal arrivals partly due to repatriation agreements signed with Libya and Senegal respectively.


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13th July, 2009; 2:42am

Following the March 22nd, 2009 Nigerian Community Greece General Election that was suspended by the Nigerian Ambassador to Greece, Dr. Etim Uye on the same date the election was to be held, whereby Nigerians in Greece had long waiting for reasons to why such decision should be made without on time notice to Nigerians and the Caretaker committee in charge of organizing the election has now be made public in a meeting on Sunday 12th July, 2009.

Reasons for suspending the General Election was made known to all Heads of Communities and Nigerian's Organizations, such as “NIDOE – Greece Chapter”, “the Elders Council”, “Nigerian Women Organization” among others in a meeting with the Heads and Staffs of the Nigerian Embassy Greece at the Ambassador residence, the ambassador who requested the leaders of various community in attendance to please inform their people/members and all Nigerians of the reasons why the March 22rd, 2009 election was suspended.

His Excellency, Ambassador Dr. Etim Uye in an opening speech statement said “this meeting is long due” and further explain reasons why he had unable to call for all Nigerians to inform them about his decision to suspending the March 22rd, 2009 election. The reason for suspending the election was due to Mr. President’s visit which was schedule for 6th -9th April, 2009 based on the invitation from the host country (Greece) President whereby some Nigerians were making threats to disrupt the President activities while in Greece.

More so, other statement out of the July 12th, 2009 meeting added, the dissolved outgoing Executive Council of the community led by Mr. Abbee Lawa has no constitutional right to set-up an electoral committee to conduct any Election of the Nigerian community and the Ambassador further warn, if they go ahead with any election, those that will be elected unconstitutional, shall not be recognized by the Embassy and Nigerians.

Other issue that was discused on the July 12th meeting of all communities heads was a way forward on how to straighten the Nigerian Community Greece, all heads of community agreed on the need to setup a Reconciliation Committee to look into the affairs of the Nigerian Community and committee will work in bring together all parties and Nigerians under a single umbrella of unite among Nigerians in Greece. It was also agreed that members of the Reconciliation Committee shall be drawn from all Nigerian sub-communities here in Athens with each community appointing two of his members/representative to makeup the Committee.


 In an open letter to all NIDOE’s Members through various chapters, the Nigerian in Diaspora Organization Europe (NIDOE) announce the date of election in NIDOE’s Board of Trustees (BOT). In a statement signed by Mrs. Janet Latinwo, Secretary Electoral Committee reads “The Electoral Committee of NIDOE wishes to inform you of the modalities for the election of new members onto the Board of Trustees in accordance with the provisions of our MEMART”.

However, the letter further states ” The 2009 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and elections will be held on Saturday 14th November 2009, in Paris, France, from 11.00 am to 17.00 pm, as already notified in the circulated notice of meeting”. While the BOT positions to be elected into according the organization’s MEMART are as follows;

Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, The Financial Officer, Treasurer, The Legal Officer, The IT Officer, The European Union relationship Officer, The Social, Welfare and Event Officer, Public Relations and Media Officer.


The statement further added that the closing date for acceptance of intentions to aspire to be voted for shall be 31st October 2009.  Any one seeking to be voted for should note that he/she shall have paid every subscription and other sum (if any) which shall be due and payable to the Chapter in respect of his/her membership by 31st of October 2009. To qualify for consideration and facilitate the orderly conduct of the election those seeking to be voted for must be financially up to date at the closing date for submission of intentions. If you are not sure of or have any questions about your financial position please get in touch with the Treasurer of your Chapter. Also, Candidates must have not less than 2 years membership (Art. 4-d) to NIDOE. Please refer to the relevant sections (Art 5) of the MEMART on other qualifications of officers for the respective offices.

Such intentions to run for elective positions from the chapters to reach the Committee on or before 23.59 hours, 31st October, 2009.  While the declaration of intent should begin “I hereby aspire to serve NIDOE in the capacity of ……., containing a brief “bio” of the person” of no more than 150 words and this shall be forwarded/submitted electronically to the Committee Secretary by the respective chapters at [email protected].

The letter also want ahead to inform members on the method of voting on the day of election, according to the letter, voting on the day may be made by proxy (Art. 3.6) in accordance with our MEMART. The letter reveals the total number of Twelve (12) member of the Electoral Committee but with just Five (5) name mentioned on the letter and here are the names;

·         Dr Jones Edobor - Chair

·         Mrs Janet Latinwo - Secretary

·         Dr John George

·         Mr Dozie Ugochukwu

·         Mr Solomon Ogbaji

There was never a reason to which why the other members of the Electoral Committee was not listed on the letter. For the past year, NIDOE has gone into deep sleep with her operation and the Organization has yet decided to rebrand its executives in order to face the 21st century challenges in Europe and the world at large. More so, what we can not comment on is the process to which the Electoral Committee was set-up and where are its members from?


The governments of Yar’adua with his new focus on “Rebranding the Nation” is chiefly expecting NIDOE for it be successful, thus NIDOE have decided to Rebrand itself before focusing on Nigeria.


Report By:

Emma Mone and Sons Greece Team



Certificate of residing legally in Greece, to visit their country during summer season, allowed in from 19-06-2009 until 30-09-2009


10-06-2009:Επανείσοδος αλλοδαπών κατόχων αδειών διαμονής η ισχύς των οποίων έχει λήξει και αλλοδαπών που έχουν αιτηθεί τη λήψη αρχικής αδείας παραμονής κατά το από 19-06-2009 έως 30-09-2009 χρονικό διάστημα.


10-06-2009: Re-foreign holders of residence permits whose validity has expired and foreigners who have applied for the initial reception in the residence permit from 19-06-2009 to 30-09-2009 time.




GREEK POLICE                                                                                                                                                          210-6977505


09-06-2009 By decision of Mr. Deputy Minister of Interior in order to facilitate foreign subject to regulations of Article 11 paragraph 4 of Law 3386 (F.E.K. 212 A/23-08-2005) and reside legally in Greece, to visit their country during summer season, allowed in from 19-06-2009 until 30-09-2009 time, the re-entry to Greece, where they have departed from our country within the said period.

Due to specific conditions (Albania elections on 28 June 2009, etc.), and duration of validity of this decision, to allow all foreigners, regardless of nationality, to visit their country and to back up twice;

These foreigners who apply for re-entry in our country should possess:

a)     Passport or other travel document recognized by our country, in effect,

b)     Certificate of Type A (blue) that have submitted all required documentation for initial or renewal permit under the relevant provisions of Law 3386/2005 and Law 3536/2007 (Article 18 paragraph 4), and No. 11702/2006 JMD Decision (F.E.K.) 892 B), or special certificate of legal residence, under the provisions of the No 21535/07-11-2006 JMD Decision (1677 F.E.K. B).

Note that the possibility of exit and reentry is not provided to holders of special certificate of legal residence, which had been granted in accordance with paragraph 6 of the No 21535/7.11.2006 JMD, namely those that were released with restrictive conditions, including the ban on leaving the country.

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The General public and Nigerians has been invited to attend the 49th Nigerian Anniversary Independence thanksgiving service by His Excellency and Her Excellency, Dr.  & Mrs.  Etim Udo Uye on Sunday, 11 October 2009 at Faith Apostolic Ministries behind Plateia Amerikis, Time 4.00pm to 6.00pm.

His Excellency, the Nigerian Ambassador to Greece also requests the pleasure of the company of Communities Chairman and their Secretary to a reception at the Residence of the Nigerian Ambassador after the Church Service starting from 20:00pm – 22:00pm. Communities heads should please note, the venue of the reception is NO. 18 Leoforos Dimocratias Paleo Psychico Athens.

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